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Episode 101: Outer SpaceEpisode 101: Pig Girls Don't CryEpisode 101: Your Body Is an Instrument
Episode 102: Connie StevensEpisode 102: Delighting in SoundsEpisode 102: Garth Brooks
Episode 102: Hostile MakeoverEpisode 102: OceansEpisode 103: Bear Left Then Bear Write
Episode 103: Billy CrystalEpisode 103: Joel GreyEpisode 103: Power
Episode 103: Sounds Become MusicEpisode 104: John GoodmanEpisode 104: Music Is More Than Technique
Episode 104: Pig OutEpisode 104: Ruth BuzziEpisode 105: Cindy Crawford
Episode 105: First ShowEpisode 105: Rita MorenoEpisode 105: The Voice Is an Instrument
Episode 105: Walk the SwineEpisode 106: Jim NaborsEpisode 106: Reacting to Sounds
Episode 106: The Ex-FactorEpisode 106: The Preachification of Convincing JohnEpisode 106: Tony Bennett
Episode 107: Florence HendersonEpisode 107: If You Can Play, It's an InstrumentEpisode 107: Pig's in a Blackout
Episode 107: Sandra BullockEpisode 108: Improvised MusicEpisode 108: Jason Alexander
Episode 108: Paul WilliamsEpisode 108: The Terrible TunnelEpisode 108: Too Hot to Handler
Episode 109: Charles AznavourEpisode 109: GarbageEpisode 109: Going, Going, Gonzo
Episode 109: Notation: The Sign That Gets the SoundEpisode 109: Whoopi GoldbergEpisode 110: Discovering New Sounds
Episode 110: Harvey KormanEpisode 110: Martin ShortEpisode 110: Secrets of the Muppets
Episode 110: Single All the WayEpisode 111: Lena HorneEpisode 111: Music Brings Us Together
Episode 111: Swine SongEpisode 112: A Tail of Two PiggiesEpisode 112: Food
Episode 112: Peter UstinovEpisode 112: The Finger of LightEpisode 112: The Power of Music
Episode 113: Bruce ForsythEpisode 113: Got Silk?Episode 114: Little Green Lie
Episode 114: Sandy DuncanEpisode 115: Candice BergenEpisode 115: Generally Inhospitable
Episode 116: Avery SchreiberEpisode 116: Because... LoveEpisode 117: Marooned
Episode 118: The MinstrelsEpisode 119: Vincent PriceEpisode 120: Valerie Harper
Episode 121: TwiggyEpisode 123: Kaye BallardEpisode 123: The Beast of Blue Rock
Episode 124: MummenschanzEpisode 201: The Artist Formerly Known as PrinceEpisode 202: Rick Moranis
Episode 202: Zero MostelEpisode 203: Heather LocklearEpisode 203: Milton Berle
Episode 204: Pierce BrosnanEpisode 204: Rich LittleEpisode 205: Coolio & Don Rickles
Episode 206: Nancy WalkerEpisode 206: Paula AbdulEpisode 207: Dennis Quaid
Episode 207: Edgar BergenEpisode 207: Mokey and the MinstrelsEpisode 208: The Cameo Show
Episode 209: Madeline KahnEpisode 209: Sir Hubris and the GorgsEpisode 209: The Best of Muppets Tonight
Episode 210: A Friend in NeedEpisode 210: The Gary Cahuenga EpisodeEpisode 211: Andie MacDowell
Episode 211: Dom DeLuiseEpisode 211: The Wizard of Fraggle RockEpisode 212: Bernadette Peters
Episode 212: Johnny Fiama Leaves HomeEpisode 213: Rudolf NureyevEpisode 214: The Secret of Convincing John
Episode 215: Lou RawlsEpisode 215: Manny's Land of CarpetsEpisode 216: Cleo Laine
Episode 217: Julie AndrewsEpisode 218: Jaye P. MorganEpisode 220: Petula Clark
Episode 221: Bob HopeEpisode 221: Wembley and the Great RaceEpisode 222: Teresa Brewer
Episode 223: John CleeseEpisode 224: Cloris LeachmanEpisode 301: Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
Episode 301: The Bells of Fraggle RockEpisode 302: Red-Handed and the Invisible ThiefEpisode 303: Boober and the Glob
Episode 303: Roy ClarkEpisode 304: The Grapes of GenerosityEpisode 305: Halloween Bear
Episode 305: Pearl BaileyEpisode 306: Jean StapletonEpisode 306: Pebble Pox Blues
Episode 307: Alice CooperEpisode 310: The Secret Society of PoohbahsEpisode 313: Scared Silly
Episode 314: Harry BelafonteEpisode 314: The Great Radish CaperEpisode 317: Spike Milligan
Episode 319: Elke SommerEpisode 319: The Cavern of Lost DreamsEpisode 321: A Dark and Stormy Night
Episode 322: Gunge, the Great and GloriousEpisode 401: John DenverEpisode 405: Junior Faces the Music
Episode 406: A Tune for TwoEpisode 407: Dudley MooreEpisode 411: Lola Falana
Episode 412: Phyllis GeorgeEpisode 414: Liza MinnelliEpisode 415: Anne Murray
Episode 416: Jonathan WintersEpisode 418: Christopher ReeveEpisode 420: Alan Arkin
Episode 424: Diana RossEpisode 501: Gene KellyEpisode 504: Shirley Bassey
Episode 506: Beyond the PondEpisode 510: Inspector RedEpisode 510: Jean-Pierre Rampal
Episode 511: Paul SimonEpisode 512: Melissa ManchesterEpisode 512: The Honk of Honks
Episode 514: Mac DavisEpisode 515: Carol BurnettEpisode 516: Gladys Knight
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